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Welcome to FishingPatrol, the premier online platform for marina owners like you. Our community is dedicated to helping you showcase your marina and attract more visitors by showing them your marina with our live webcam platform. Buy a streaming webcam and leverage our user-friendly interface and powerful tools, you can easily create a stunning profile that highlights your marina’s unique features and amenities. Whether you offer state-of-the-art facilities or breathtaking waterfront views, FishingPatrol is the perfect platform to promote your business to a wider audience.

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Example Marina Page – Lake Livingston TX North End

Live Webcam Front View
Live Webcam Top View
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Example Marina Page
Example Marina Page

Live Streaming WebCam to Your Marina's Page

Stay connected with your customers by providing them with live feeds of the current conditions at your marina. By sharing real-time updates on weather, tides, and other important information, you can keep your customers informed and engaged. Buy a streaming webcam on our live FishingPlatform platform to show them the exceptional experience they can have at your marina and watch as they flock to your facility.

Real-Time Live Webcam Feeds to Keep Customers Hooked

Stay ahead of the competition with FishingPatrol’s innovative live webcam feeds feature. Keep your customers updated on the current fishing and boating conditions in your area. By providing real-time information, you can engage your audience and give them a reason to choose your marina over others. With FishingPatrol, you’ll never miss an opportunity to attract new customers and keep them coming back for more.

Get More Customers

Join FishingPatrol today and get access to a wide network of boating and fishing enthusiasts. By becoming a part of our online community, you can increase your visibility and reach potential customers who are actively looking for marinas like yours. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to boost your business and attract more customers.  Buy your streaming webcam and become part of the FishingPatrol website platform.

Get Your Marina on Our Platform

Add your marina to the FishingPatrol Platform in 3 easy steps.

  1. Purchase a live webcam setup
  2. Mount the Camera to Capture your location, view of the water or parking lot to let everyone see your unique location.
  3. Plug in the Camera, we use 4g or your Wifi (if available)
  4. Update the amenities for your marina and go live with camera feeds.

For the average price of 10 boat launches you get:

  • Your Marina page that you can maintain with an easy to use interface to communicate with your customers
  • Live Feed Camera to show your location to customers and new customers

What's My Investment

Single Camera and Website
  1. Buy Streaming live webcam – One Time Purchase of Camera
    • Single Camera – $450
    • Marina Website Page – Free
  2. Monthly Cellular Fee $50
    • First 6 Months Free with a new location
    • Then Billed Monthly unless cancelled

Single Camera System 12 Month Total Cost $750.

  • Camera – $450 (Paid Now)
  • First 6 Months Cellular Fee – $0
  • 6 Months Cellular Fee – $300 (Billed Monthly)

Learn how our platform can help you get new customers and promote your marina.

Using an outdoor live webcam at a marina can serve several important purposes, including enhancing security, monitoring activities, and ensuring safety. Here are some reasons why outdoor live webcam  are commonly used at marinas:

  1. Security and Theft Prevention: Outdoor cameras can deter theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access to boats, equipment, and facilities. The presence of visible cameras can act as a deterrent, discouraging potential criminals from engaging in illegal activities.

  2. Surveillance and Monitoring: Cameras provide continuous surveillance of the marina area, allowing marina operators to monitor activities in real-time. This surveillance can include monitoring boat traffic, dock activity, parking lots, and other critical areas.

  3. Safety and Emergency Response: Cameras can aid in ensuring the safety of individuals at the marina. They can help monitor for accidents, fires, or other emergencies, allowing for a rapid response and ensuring the safety of individuals and property.

  4. Investigation and Evidence Collection: In the unfortunate event of a crime or accident, outdoor cameras can provide valuable evidence for investigations and legal proceedings. Recorded footage can help identify suspects, reconstruct events, and provide crucial information to law enforcement.

  5. Boat and Property Monitoring: Boat owners can use outdoor cameras to remotely monitor their boats and property, providing peace of mind when they’re not on-site. This is particularly valuable for boat owners who do not live near the marina or those who use their boats infrequently.

  6. Marina Operations and Management: Cameras can assist marina managers in monitoring the overall operations of the facility, ensuring compliance with rules and regulations, managing traffic flow, and optimizing operational efficiency.

  7. Insurance and Liability Purposes: Having security cameras installed can lower insurance premiums for marina owners and boat owners, as it demonstrates a commitment to security and risk management. Additionally, recorded footage can be useful in case of insurance claims or liability disputes.

  8. Visitor and Guest Monitoring: Marinas often have visitors and guests. Cameras can help manage and monitor guest traffic, ensuring the safety and security of both guests and marina facilities.

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