Amazing Curly Tail Grubs for Freshwater

Curly tail grubs is one of the most versatile plastic baits that you can keep in your tackle box.  Grubs come in a variety of styles, lengths and colors that make them an easy choice to change based on the weather, water clarity and time of year.  Curly tail grubs often allow you catch many types of fish.  Here are few that are common:

  • Bass
  • Crappie
  • Panfish
  • Perch
  • Stripers
  • Walleye

What is a Curly Tail Grub?

These plastic baits are designed to provide a rounded body that slips on a jig and have a trailing curved tail that provides worm like action in the water during retrieval.  Most curly tail grubs range in size from 1 to 3 inches.  This provides you a wide selection of sizes to match the hatch or current bait size the fish are feeding on.  

1.75 Curly Tail Grub Wild Strawberry
1.75 Curly Tail Grub Wild Strawberry

Popular Curly Tail Grub Colors

Curly Tail Grubs

How to Rig Curly Tail Grubs

Presenting curly tail grubs to get the best action is fairly straightforward.  Match the body of the grub to the size of the jig to where the body will lay flat when threaded onto the jig hook.  The body of the grub should be smooth and flat, no bunching or twists.  If the body has a “belly” make sure the belly is on the bottom as the jig is being retrieved.  You want the bait to look as natural as possible.

Electric Purple White on Jig
Electric Purple White on Jig

How to Fish a Curly Tail Grub

The best way to fish curly tail grubs depends on the depth of the water and the action you are looking to produce.

For shallow areas you have 2 common options, slow retrieval and jigging.  Slow retrieval is the easiest, through the jig out and reel it in as slow as possible while maintaining action on the tail and keeping the lure off the bottom.  

Jigging in shallow areas involves through out and letting the jig drop to the bottom.  Then with a tight line lift the tip of your rod to create a “jumping” action in the water, then let the jig drop again.  Continue until you catch a big one.

For deep locations, you can use a jig for dropping down into the strike zone.  Let the jig drop into the target depth and twitch the tip of your rod to create action at the desired depth.

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2.5 Inch Curl Tail Minnow

1.75 Inch Curly Tail Grub

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What’s your favorite color to use for summer crappie jig colors?

White Crappie
White Crappie from Texas Parks and Wildlife
Black Crappie
Black Crappie from National Park Service
Small Mouth Bass
Small Mouth Bass from Texas Parks and Wildlife
Large Mouth Bass
Large Mouth Bass from Texas Parks and Wildlife

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