4 Amazing Summer Crappie Jig Colors

Summer time is almost here and each summer people are asking me what are the best summer crappie jig colors.  While there are a lot of factors to catching more crappie in the summer.  The colors of your jigs changes underwater based on the depth, clarity and amount of light. 

What are the best colors for Summer Crappie Fishing?

Darker colors are visible in deeper water.  See the chart below to get an idea of what colors are visible at what depth.  Of course, the clarity of the water can change the actual point that the color is absorbed.  When fishing for crappie that are located in deeper water or murky water.  Choose darker colors.  

These four summer crappie jig colors are tried and true and give you a great chance to catch more fish.  All white is a great choice for bright sunny days.  Trim the plastic bait a bit to make is smaller on the jig.  Combination colors such as black/white, pink/white, chartreuse/white allow the baits to be seen at different depths and provide a different look underwater to the fish.

Fishing Patrol's 4 Best Summer Crappie Jig Colors

2.5 Curl Tail Minnow 4 Colors
Pink / White Summer Crappie Jig Color

How to Choose a Crappie Jig Color?

Sunlight can only penetrate water to a certain depth.  The combination of sunlight and the color of the bait impacts how visible it is at certain depths.  Keep this in mind when you are fishing and know the depth that crappie are suspended.  Try different colors that can be seen at or below the depth of fish. 

Light Absorption in Water
Light Absorption in Water

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What’s your favorite color to use for summer crappie jig colors?

White Crappie
White Crappie from Texas Parks and Wildlife
Black Crappie
Black Crappie from National Park Service

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