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Are you looking to help others enjoy fishing?  Do you have experience that others can learn from?  Are you new to fishing and want help?  

I started Fishing Patrol to create an online forum where you can get the help you need without wading through the consistent nonsense and sarcastic remarks found on other platforms.  I don’t have time to scroll through tons of “answers” to questions that people have.  

If you are like me and have limited time to fish or research about your next trip.  Then Fishing Patrol is for you.  Please join if you are ready to help others and offer genuine help and guidance no matter what the questions.

Do not join Fishing Patrol if you are not here to help others spend more time outdoors enjoying their time fishing.

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Fishing Patrol is member supported community focused on inland fishing.  We provide cameras to let you watch your favorite fishing spots.  See the local weather and conditions before you make the drive.  Interested in fishing in a new location?  Learn more about it by visiting different lake and camera locations.  Have a question about a location?  Post a question on our forums.

Our cameras give you a chance to watch your favorite fishing spots before you head out.  Check location weather conditions.  See how busy a location is to determine where you want to fish or launch your boat.

The camera below is on the north end of Lake Livingston giving you a chance to see how the water, weather and fishing is at that location.

Connect with other that know the area to learn more about the location.  Interested in trying out a new location?  Jump over to that lake’s camera and see what is biting or ask for help.

North Lake Livingston

Weather and 24H Forecast

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