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About Fishing Patrol

Welcome to Fishing Patrol.  I’m Derek Wilson and I founded as a community focused on helping each other out without sarcastic replies to genuine questions.  We all have limited time to fish, hike, camp, bike or boat.  I found myself frustrated with people asking honest questions and having to wade through all the non-sense replies that you get on pages like Facebook.  Have you seen this?

Question – I’m driving down 3 hours to fish at Lake X.  Where are good areas to try.  I’m only in town 2 days and have a boat.

Answer – In the Water

Answer – Why are  you driving to fish here

Answer – I have boat I love fishing on Lake X

None of this is helpful and wastes everyone’s time.  Join our fishing patrol community if you are looking to learn, share and enjoy your time by helping others without nonsense. 

Why Join Fishing Patrol

Joining an online fishing community can offer various benefits and enhance your overall fishing experience. 

  1. Knowledge Sharing:

    • Access to a wealth of collective knowledge: Online fishing communities often consist of experienced anglers who are willing to share their expertise, tips, and tricks.
    • Learn new techniques: Discover new fishing techniques, bait recommendations, and strategies from fellow community members.
  2. Networking:

    • Connect with like-minded individuals: Joining a fishing community allows you to interact with people who share your passion for fishing, providing an opportunity to make friends with similar interests.
    • Local insights: Connect with anglers in your area to get information about local fishing spots, seasonal patterns, and regulations.
  3. Gear Recommendations:

    • Product reviews and recommendations: Members often share their experiences with different fishing gear, helping you make informed decisions when purchasing equipment.
    • Exchange or sell gear: Some communities have dedicated sections for buying, selling, or trading fishing gear.
  4. Community Events:

    • Fishing tournaments and challenges: Participate in virtual or local fishing competitions organized by the community, adding a competitive and social aspect to your hobby.
    • Meetups and events: Joining an online fishing community may lead to opportunities to attend fishing-related events and meet fellow anglers in person.
  5. Problem-solving and Troubleshooting:

    • Seek advice for challenges: If you encounter difficulties while fishing, you can turn to the community for advice and solutions. This collaborative problem-solving can be beneficial for both beginners and experienced anglers.
  6. Stay Informed:

    • Fishing reports: Get real-time information about fishing conditions and catches in various locations, helping you plan your fishing trips more effectively.
    • Regulation updates: Stay informed about changes in fishing regulations and conservation efforts in your region.
  7. Enjoyment and Camaraderie:

    • Share your experiences: Contribute your own fishing stories, photos, and videos to inspire and entertain fellow anglers.
    • Support and encouragement: Receive encouragement from the community during both successful and challenging fishing experiences.
  8. Environmental Awareness:

    • Conservation discussions: Engage in conversations about responsible fishing practices, conservation efforts, and environmental issues related to fishing.
  9. Learning Opportunities:

    • Online tutorials and webinars: Some communities offer educational resources such as tutorials and webinars to help members improve their fishing skills.

Overall, joining our fishing patrol community can enhance your fishing journey by providing a platform for learning, socializing, and connecting with others who share your passion for this outdoor activity.

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Select the locations from the fishing patrol menu to see marinas by state.  If you own a marina and would like to discuss getting a camera system.  Please contact fishing patrol to get more information. 

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